Look no further! Everything you need to know to Roll in Control is right here on the SKATE 101 ALBUM!

Learn how to skate, or improve your skating skills on Quads, Ice and Inline skates. Learn how to stand, balance, skate, come to a safe stop in four simple ways, fall safely, change terrain smoothly, avoid the mistakes beginners make, maintain your skates, and much, much more!

Track 1. Maintain Ya Skates
Track 2. Got Balls
Track 3. Gear Up
Track 4. Glide Slide
Track 5. Jen’s Laws
Track 6. Equilibrium
Track 7. Edges
Track 8. Navigate
Track 9. Pump
Track 10. Magic Table
Track 11. Prevent Mistakes (Save ya Pride!)
Track 12. Smooth Ride
Track 13. Get Up
Track 14. Ready Pose
Track 15. Funky Duck
Track 16. March
Track 17. Swizzle
Track 18. Stroke
Track 19. Twist & Turn
Track 20. Rubba Heel Brake
Track 21. No Snow Plow
Track 22. Dig & Drag
Track 23. Velocity

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Toure Clark, aka "Uncle Jamm," a Retired Veteran & Jamskater, buys the first Skate 101 DVD
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