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Become a superhero parent today!
Give your kids the 4 super tools they need to skate cool!
Beginner skaters transform into skaters with super powers in under an hour!
And, the kind of knowledge you can’t get in college, like how to prevent mistakes beginners make!
Does your child or children want to skate or do you want them to?
Have no fear, Skate Woman is here!
Let Skate Woman show your kids how to skate on their feet!
Be a responsible parent and let her help your kids skate safe!
No skates or experience necessary, just Skate 101 starring Skate Woman and her friendly and furry friends.
Even if you’re a proskater, don’t let your children skate without watching Skate 101!
Step-by-step instructional rhymes are easy to understand, remember and apply.
Sing along songs and easy to follow along music video are fun for everyone!
Give your kids the confidence to lace up their skates!
Watch in the privacy of your own home.