Skatewoman – front cover

Skatewoman – back cover

The album is the first release in the SKATEWOMAN SUPER SERIES. The series combines how to skate music videos, sing along songs, comic books, games, musical/film, clothing, accessories and other merchandise.

Skatewoman is a collection of 15 Sing Along Songs & Funky Holiday Skate Jams. The First & Only Skate Songs for Birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas, Chanukah & Kwanzaa. New mixes of the Boogie Back Rap, Glide Slide, Disco Kryptonite & more. Perfect for Skating Rinks!

Track 1. SKATEWOMAN Theme Song part 1
Track 2. SKATEWOMAN Theme Song part 2
Track 3. Skating is Sexy
Track 4. Boogie Back Rap – Hip Hop Mix
Track 5. Disco Kryptonite
Track 6. Happy Birthday Skate Song
Track 7. Glide Slide, Save Ya Hide – 80’s Mix
Track 8. Get Ready, Gear Up
Track 9. I Love You (Sing Along in 17 languages)
Track 10. If You Can Walk, You Can Roll
Track 11. Skating on Mars With The Stars
Track 12. Happy Holidays Skate Song
Track 13. I Hate Valentines Day
Track 14. Maintain Ya Skates
Track 15. Boogie Back Rap – 70’s Mix (How-to Skate Backwards Song)

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