Skate 101: Learn to Skate Class STREAM

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The world's best skate class! Learn to skate on quads, ice and inlines in no time! This super cool collection of learn to 30 skate lessons are animated cartoons with funky tunes. Stream the Complete Collection of Skate Woman’s Instructional Skate Tunes & Animated Cartoons from the Skate 101 DVD.

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Learn to Skate Music Stream

What if you could bring the best skate class right into your home, to enjoy on your computer or TV? What if you or your kids could learn to skate quickly and easily, without spending a fortune?

Well, now you can! Jenny Jen, aka Skate Woman, now offers the SKATE 101 video collection as streaming content– a super convenient way to learn how to skate, and have fun doing it. You don’t need any previous experience, and you don’t even need a pair of skates to master the fundamentals. Learn how to gear up, stand, move your feet, stop, turn, change terrain, maintain your skates, and more.

Avoid the eight mistakes beginners make. Master quads, inlines, and even ice skates, in no time! Easy to follow along music videos show you what you need to know to roll in control.

The Skate 101 series, starring Skate Woman and her friends, includes 30 Animated Cartoons, complete with Jenny Jen’s popular Funky Tunes.

You’ll also get super funky bonus music videos, including the Happy Birthday Skate Song, Happy Holidays Skate Song, and the Skate Woman Theme Song. And that’s not all. You’ll see the writer, producer and creator, Jenny Jen, the Skate Woman, skating live to “If You Can Walk, You Can Roll!”

Get the Power in Under an Hour! Skate 101 is safe, convenient, and quick. Stream Skate 101 today, and get the complete collection of instructional skate lessons– easy to follow, and easy to stream!

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Track List

TrackNameTime1.Intro1:392.Jen’s Laws2:133.Equilibrium2:444.Navigate1:345.Pump3:146.Six Sides2:237.Maintain2:028.Balls & Wheels1:389.Gear Up2:4510.Glide Slide3:1311.Save Ya Pride1:4712.Magic div2:3113.Get Up2:3114.Ready Pose1:5615.Snake2:4416.Funky Duck2:2217.March2:0718.Football3:5619.Stroke3:1620.Worm2:3521.Pizza2:5622.Clock2:3623.Velocity2:2924.Rubber Heel Brake4:2725.Boogie Back Rap3:2826.Happy Birthday Skate Song3:0227.Happy Holidays Skate Song3:2028.Skatewoman Theme Song1:1429.Skatewoman Theme Song 21:3930.If You Can Walk, You Can Roll3:55


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