My First Skate Book


Marvel to a galaxy of fascinating facts, while enjoying plenty of hardy laughs! Discover a variety of skating styles, from mild to wild. Meet the young twins who are quite surprised by the wonders they find. When you see what monkeys can do, you will be too! Did you know skating incorporates math, physics, social interaction, and more galore? Explore how skating opens new horizons for families all over the world. Take a journey with them and uncover common personality differences and similarities, learn about self-expression, and sharpen communication skills, all through the medium of skating.

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Discover The Wonderful World of Skating

This is the first volume in the MY FIRST SKATE BOOKS SUPER SERIES, a collection of books designed to open a whole new world of fun and rewarding activity for the entire family.

Skating, an activity that is multicultural as well as multi-generational, is everywhere– in movies, on television, and in rinks and skate centers in every community. Skating pros appear in TV shows, commercials, music videos, musicals, cartoons, movies, and the news. Almost everyone goes skating at some point during their childhood.  But how much do you really know about it? Get ready for a few surprises!

In this delightful book, the reader will learn that ice skating, rollerblading roller skating are just the beginning. Hockey, figure, speed skating, roller derby, dancing, aggressive, and other forms of skating are brought to a new audience from a fresh point of view.

Develop a basic understanding of skating and related vocabulary. Have fun while improving coordination, establishing healthy physical fitness and exercise habits, and so much more. The MY FIRST SKATE BOOKS Super Series is one that parents and children will share and enjoy for years to come.

The bright, dynamic artwork captures the imagination, and the clever, tongue-twisting rhymes helps improve language skills, both written and spoken. Kids learning to read, and more advanced readers who want to improve their skills, will love all the books in this unique book series.

If you’re an absolute beginner, an experienced skater, or anything in between, you’ll love Jenny Jen’s My First Skate Books Super Series, and you’ll see skating in a whole new way!

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Dec. 2017



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