My First Skates


MY FIRST PAIR OF SKATES We’ve seen the twins, Blake and Kate, learn the basics, step-by-step, with the help of SKATE WOMAN. Now it’s time for them to unwrap their birthday presents– two brand-new pairs of skates! Now that the kids know what to do on wheels, it’s time for them to learn just how those wheels work.

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5 Minute Story: Discover Your Skate Parts with the Smart Chart, But Don’t like Blake Take Your Skates Apart!

This is the fifth volume in the MY FIRST SKATE BOOKS SUPER SERIES, a collection of books designed to open a whole new world of fun and rewarding activity for the entire family.

Colorful comic book style art and creative and clever rhymes reminiscent of Dr. Seuss make skating easy and fun for everyone. If you’re an absolute beginner, an experienced skater, or anything in between, you’ll love Jenny Jen’s MY FIRST SKATE BOOK Super Series, and you’ll see skating in a whole new way! In MY FIRST PAIR OF SKATES, Blake has a new pair of inlines, while Kate puts on a fresh, flashy pair of quads. Kate is reluctant to lend her skates to her brother, remembering the time he took apart her scooter. But Blake’s mechanical curiosity is satisfied by a detailed chart that comes with the skates, showing and explaining all the parts. Learn along with the twins as they discover how their skates work, how to maintain them, and how to enjoy them safely.

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March 2018



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