Skating is a world of fun, though learning can sometimes be slow and painful. But not with SKATE 101! The Skate 101 DVD contains 30 animated cartoons with funky, fun, and educational tunes that teach you how to skate safely. Get the power in under an hour! Skate 101 is the best skate class you will ever bring into your home! It’s safe, convenient, quick and easy. No experience or skates necessary. Before you ever strap on wheels or blades, you can follow along on your feet and learn to skate to the funky beat. Skate 101 is fun for everyone!


Learn how to gear up, get up, stand, skate, stop (three ways), turn, change terrains smooth like a snake, fall safe, prevent the eight mistakes beginners make, maintain your skates, and more.

Plus, you’ll find super-funky Bonus Music Videos, including the Happy Birthday Skate Song, Happy Holidays Skate Song, Skate Woman Theme Song 1, Skate Woman Theme Song 2,  and Skate Woman skating live to “If You Can Walk, You Can Roll!”


  1. Intro
  2. Jen’s Laws
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Navigate
  5. Pump
  6. Six Sides
  7. Maintain
  8. Balls & Wheels
  9. Gear Up
  10. Glide Slide
  11. Save Ya Pride
  12. Magic Table
  13. Get Up
  14. Ready Pose
  15. Snake
  16. Funky Duck
  17. March
  18. Football
  19. Stroke
  20. Worm
  21. Pizza
  22. Clock
  23. Velocity
  24. Rubber Heel Brake
  25.  Boogie Back Rap


26. Happy Birthday Skate Song
27. Happy Holidays Skate Song


28. Skate Woman Theme Song
29. Skate Woman Theme Song
30. If You Can Walk, You Can Roll

Skating may look difficult, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. Learn to skate safely, and save your behind with Skate Woman’s rhythms and rhymes. Starring Skate Woman, with her funky and furry super friends. Skate Woman, the world’s only rappin’ skate teacher, is a one-of-a-kind superhero. She shows you how to save hides and prides, on quads, ice and inline skates!

Don’t Wait, Learn How to Skate Now!
If you like Schoolhouse Rock, You’ll Love Skate 101!

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