Skate 101 is a brand new way to learn how to skate. Skate 101 is much more than just another skating class. If you like Schoolhouse Rock, you’ll love Skate 101 songs and music videos. The audience simulates the skating motions on their feet first. Developing the confidence to lace up their skates comes automatically.

Skate 101’s easy-to-follow instructional rhymes are designed for ice, quads and inline skates. They’re easy to remember, understand and apply. Step by step skating lessons explain everything you need to know before you go. Catchy tunes with animated cartoons demonstrate how to skate. If you can walk, you can roll!

The purpose of Skate 101 was to make skating easy and fun for everyone. Learning the hard way, which is what Jenny Jen did, is no longer necessary.

The creator, Jenny Jen Goldstein, who wrote her thesis at The Wharton School of Business, was studying at the University of Pennsylvania, while living downtown Philadelphia. The public transportation system, SEPTA, threatened to strike and Jenny Jen needed to find an alternate form of transportation. Biking was not something she felt comfortable doing in the city and skating — well — she grew up skating on the beach in Florida. Quite different than the city streets, as you can imagine, but Jenny Jen felt more comfortable trying skating in the city than biking.

During a visit to a friend in NYC, at Columbia Law School, she suggested they rent skates… the new kind which were inline (with wheels in a line, as opposed to wheels side by side and the type she was used to skating on).

Jenny Jen started writing easy to follow songs that teach people how to skate. She tested out her songs on students. Singing her instructional rhymes on skates to demonstrate proved successful. Her students learned quickly. The media discovered Skate 101 and began interviewing her internationally. She became a world-renown skate teacher. Her classes became so popular, that people everywhere wanted to sign up.

Skate 101 explains everything you need to know to roll in control. The music videos provide funky tunes with educational cartoons. It’s all about discovering what tools you have and how to use them to skate cool.