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Learn to Skate with Skate Woman, The world’s first & only singing skate teacher. She raps her rhymes on skates to demonstrate. She does it on ice, quads, and inline skates.

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Signed Copy Skate 101 DVD

Skate 101 DVD Signed

Skate 101 DVD signedWant a signed SKATE 101 DVD (signed by Jenny Jen, The Skatewoman, the writer, rapper and executive producer)?

Click this to Email Jenny Jen and Answer the following 3 Questions

  1.  Where would you like her to sign your SKATE 101 DVD copy?
  2.  What would you like her to write?
  3.  Who she is signing it for?

See a video of the SKATE 101 DVD cover here to decide where you want her to sign it.

Order your signed copy n learn how to skate, now! www.Skate101.com

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Learn How to Skate DVD and Music Video Collection


The Skate 101 DVD contains 30 animated cartoons with funky tunes that teach you how to skate. Get the power in under an hour! Skate 101 is the best skate class! It’s safe, convenient, quick & easy. No experience or skates necessary. Follow along on your feet and learn to skate to the funky beat. Skate 101 is fun for everyone!


Learn how to gear up, get up, stand, skate, stop (3 ways), turn, change terrains smooth like a snake, fall safe, prevent the 8 mistakes beginners make, maintain your skates, and more.

Plus, You’ll Find Super Funky Bonus Music Videos, including the Happy Birthday Skate Song, Happy Holidays Skate Song, Skatewoman Theme Song 1 & Skatewoman Theme Song 2 & Skatewoman skating live to If You Can Walk, You Can Roll!


  1. Intro
  2. Jen’s Laws
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Navigate
  5. Pump
  6. Six Sides
  7. Maintain
  8. Balls & Wheels
  9. Gear Up
  10. Glide Slide
  11. Save Ya Pride
  12. Magic Table
  13. Get Up
  14. Ready Pose
  15. Snake
  16. Funky Duck
  17. March
  18. Football
  19. Stroke
  20. Worm
  21. Pizza
  22. Clock
  23. Velocity
  24. Rubber Heel Brake
  25.  Boogie Back Rap


26. Happy Birthday Skate Song
27. Happy Holidays Skate Song


28. Skatewoman Theme Song
29. Skatewoman Theme Song
30. If You Can Walk, You Can Roll

Save your behind, with Skatewoman’s rhythms & rhymes. Starring Skatewoman, with her funky & furry super friends. Skatewoman, the world’s only rappin’ skate teacher, is a one-of-a-kind superhero. She saves hides & prides, on quads, ice & inline skates!

Don’t Wait, Learn How to Skate Now!
If you like Schoolhouse Rock, You’ll Love Skate 101!

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Claire found Jesus at skating rink certified skate teacher
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Skating Claire Tells All in Her Inspiring Story!

Claire found Jesus skating rink

Claire Milyo

by Claire Milyo

Many people quit skating. There are many reasons, but there are a few reoccurring ones that I want to bring up here.

Equipment, is one reason. Ill fitting skates cause pain, and pain causes people to give up skating. Beginners will buy skates that are too big just so they can wear thick heavy athletic socks. Wrong! All that extra padding does is hold more sweat and rub on “hot spots” to make for some lovely blisters. In time, that foam material mats and condenses and makes skates even looser causing even more rubbing. Skates should be bought to fit snugly when wearing thin socks that wick sweat away from your skin. The boots will be looser over time and can wind up looser than what you might expect.

Don’t overly tighten your skates; they aren’t casts! Your feet can become numb if you do this and can actually cause you to lose control. I have personal experience with this one…

Beginners may be tempted to go extra cheap when buying their first pair. Don’t do it!!! Usually what you get is hard plastic wheels instead of a decent polyurethane wheel. Hard plastic wheels have no gripping ability and are a cruel joke on a beginner. Hard plastic wheels are like being equipped with your very own ice except you don’t want to go ice skating. You push off and fall because the wheels can’t grip the surface beneath them. Therefore, you quit, hopefully without injury, because you can’t learn proper skating techniques. I have had students show me their cute new skates only for me to have to tell them that Santa goofed and got them skates with the wrong wheels.

The above are my pet-peeves when it comes to equipment, but I have others… Everyone needs a solid skill set, or tools in their bag. When I first started skating, I practiced at an under utilized industrial park. I worked my way up to 10 miles in a few months. The only problem was that I did that with no idea how to stop! I just coasted until I came to a stop. Needless to say the industrial park was flat and after a year’s time became very boring. Lessons can cut the learning “carve” and get you to a skill level where you can get a seriously good workout and have fun at the same time. Skatewoman…. to save the day!!! After an hour lesson, I learned what I didn’t learn in almost a year on my own…. stopping!!!  What I would have missed if I hadn’t found Jen!  Get skilled!!! Without skills you’re limited and quitting becomes an option.

Another reason people quit… the skating community is small. You can feel isolated. However, skating is cool. People will envy you. Before you know it, people will be asking you how you got involved. Be patient; you will attract others. And when you really get to a point when you are zipping along, you can even skate with cyclists! Don’t forget skating rinks either. Some have adult nights, christian nights, speedskating teams, figure skating, you name it. Get connected to opportunities. You may have to look a little harder, but they are there.

skate teacher
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The first superhero & rappin skate teacher doll, Skatewoman, makes history!

skate teacher

The worlds first and only rappin skate teacher doll. Watch her instructional skate videos.

The first Skating Superhero  doll makes history! Thanks to my super sister for giving me the best birthday gift in the world! My Skatewoman doll is not quite as tall as me, but she’s sporting the cape and roller skates, as you can see. Holding the Skate 101 DVD, Skatewoman displays how proud she is to show the world how to skate and stay safe. Don’t tell anyone, but she also teaches math and science through skating in her skate videos.